This the section is for you to download some selected KLSE or Bursa Malaysia newsletter, analysis or market outlook by a few of Malaysia stockbroking research house.  

Resources Suggested Link

Click here to download research (for participating listed company under Malaysia CMDF Bursa Research Scheme) from KLSE Bursa Malaysia homepage. This includes buy, hold or sell recommendation from mentioned research house. Also a convenient summary page.

Malaysia Budget 2017 Full Complete

Malaysia Budget 2017 - Full document.pdf 2.6MB

Malaysia Budget 2017 Analysis by MIDF

Malaysia Budget 2017 analysis-midf.pdf 233.9KB


Malaysia's Budget 2015 - Analysis of Federal Government of Malaysia Budget 2015 by MIDF 263.6KB

Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements 804.5KB

FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index Ground Rules 337.3KB

Academic Papers

Financial_Literacy_and_Personal_Financial_Planning_Malaysia.pdf 356.2KB
Overreaction of Syariah Stocks: Does Size Matter? (2013) 344.1KB
Do Investors React Differently on Friday’s Earnings Announcements? 904.6KB
Are Cash Flows Relevant for Stock Pricing in Bursa Malaysia 130.7KB
ShortRunStockOverreactionEvidencefromBursa Malaysia.pdf 994.1KB


Malaysia 2012 Budget Analysis - Strategy For Bursa Malaysia Investor
Malaysia Minimun Wages Policy and  The Impact to Shares: Bursa Malaysia Shares strategy.

Malaysia Sector Analysis Oil and Gas July 2011

Malaysia Sector Analysis Banking stocks July 2011

Malaysia Sector Analysis Property Market July 2011

Malaysia New Economic Model 2010 part 1 download

Model Ekonomi Malaysia 2010 Ringkasan eksekutif bhg 1

PM Najib keynote speech Invet  Malaysia 2010

New Economic Model 2010 Market Strategy by HwabgDBS


Malaysia Budget Report 426.7KB 128.4KB

Bursa Malaysia Special Market Report

PMBNov2005InvestmentinRegionalMarkets(Lum).pdf 198.1KB Dec 16, 2005 2:56 AM

Quarterly Review

MaybanSec-3Q05 Outlook-2005-07-05.pdf 919.0KB Jul 22, 2005 5:44 AM
MaybanSec-EF-1Q05 Results Review-2005-05-13.pdf 74.0KB Jun 13, 2005 10:05 PM

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